About L

L Williamson is the Founder of Elite Performance Coaching.


L spent the first several decades of his life experiencing the a wide-range of Earth’s more challenging offerings: abuse, trauma, deprivation, perfectionism, addictions, loneliness, depression and the like.

After leaving home, his search for answers took him literally around the world.

On the school front, he spent 2 years marching and studying European History at West Point, 1 year in China becoming fluent in Mandarin and 2 years earning an Honor’s Degree from Stanford University in Modern Thought and Literature.

Along the way, he picked up numerous trophies and awards, including 2 national championships in Entrepreneurship and Speech Competitions – including one at Harvard Nationals.

After his formal education, he lived and and wandering homelessly, lived in a redwood tree, taught preschool, professionally wrote a musical, and eventually spent 3 years as a monk under one of the world’s top spiritual masters.

Right around his 29th birthday, the thick walls around his deep reservoirs of grief and hidden addictions finally began to crack.  L spent much of the next 8 years teaching himself how to do the deepest and most difficult levels of trauma work, while creating a a triple-award winning General Contracting business.

L’s coaching is the culmination and synthesis of all of this. He gives 100% of himself to his clients.

Get in touch with L if you’re ready to take your life and your business to the highest levels.