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About L - Elite Performance Coaching

About L

L Williamson is the Founder of Elite Performance Coaching.


L spent the first several decades of his life experiencing the a wide-range of Earth’s more challenging offerings: abuse, trauma, deprivation, perfectionism, addictions, loneliness, depression and the like.

After leaving home, his search for answers took him literally around the world.

On the school front, he spent 2 years marching and studying European History at West Point, 1 year in China becoming fluent in Mandarin and 2 years earning an Honor’s Degree from Stanford University in Modern Thought and Literature.

Along the way, he picked up numerous trophies and awards, including 2 national championships in Entrepreneurship and Speech Competitions – including one at Harvard Nationals.

After his formal education, he wandered homelessly, lived in a redwood tree, taught preschool, professionally wrote a musical, and eventually spent 3 years as a monk under one of the world’s top spiritual masters.

Near the end of his twenties, the thick walls around his deep reservoirs of grief and hidden addictions finally began to crack.  L spent much of the next 8 years teaching himself how to do the deepest and most difficult levels of trauma work, while creating a a triple-award winning General Contracting business.

L’s coaching is the culmination and synthesis of all of this. He gives 100% of himself to his clients.

Get in touch with L if you’re ready to take your life and your business to the highest levels.